Another telescope, a 600mm RC F8 fork mount telescope. This mount uses ALCOR-SYSTEM motor, encoders, controller and software. This telescope was put in operation in Oct 2014 in France.
DirectDrive Mounts (other designs)
Fork mounts
Alt-Az Mounts
ALCOR-SYSTEM was requested  for consultancy services concerning an Alt-AZ directdrive of a Ø2.5 m F8, 40 tons RC telescope mount
Our company could sucessfuly have the telescope to track his target with expected specifications. Complete telescope Eigenmode mode analysis, and theoritcal and practical analysis could solve the issues and lead to the expected performance.

More information here about this telescope and its tracking performance.
Do not hesistate to contact us to install direct drive motors in your telescope. Our company carries out 3D CAD design to ensure best fitting into your telescope.
ALCOR-SYSTEM has installed several fork mount telescope with our directdrive system (motors, encoders, controller and software). Both axis were equipped. These fork mounts have all axles brakes. Below, a 500mm F3.7 fork telescope installed in Chile, This telescope is operated remotely from France. It has absolute positionning capability, and 72 millions step encoders per rotation. Since the telescope is operated remotely, it requires very high reliability and performance. Put in operation in Nov 2017. Please see here the result of this telescope.
ALCOR-SYSTEM won a call for tender issued by Observatoire de la Cote d'Azur in July 2018 to design and build an Altaz-Mount to be installed at Calern Observatory
More details on requirements can be found in this PDF file (Universcity Altaz mount).
It was jointly designed with Astr'Industry, and this mount will be dedicated for satellite tracking, occultations, and weights 600 kg. This mount will accommodate a special 500 mm telescope, and has two optical tables on its sides. 
Preliminary tests showed that this mount has very good pointing and tracking performances. This is a pending project, and will be installed into its dome in spring 2020. The span of this mount is 2.2 m
Our facebook page provides more details on this project