ALCOR-SYSTEM's CEO since 2009.
Has in charge a wide range of administrative tasks of the company.
She takes care of production procurement, follow up and shipment.
CTO, Engineer in OptoElectronics, achieved Phd in CMOS image sensors in 1998.
Worked as staff at ESO, then at Thales, Kodak Imaging sensors, Sagem Reosc.
Involved in Astronomy Instrumentation for more than 25 years.
Was consultant for many companies around the world in the field of system engineering, image sensors ...
Cyril is dealing with optics, electronics, mechanical and software technical challenges to solve.
ALCOR-SYSTEM is committing to deliver high quality and reliable products. Our company  focuses on high end products in the field of Astronomy instrumentation, and other fields such as optical metrology, medical applications and software.