Our software controls the camera system itself, featuring in a nutshell :

- automatic exposure and gain control (as function of night and day). Full manual control is possible.
- to process bayerized raw monochrome images into color images.
- manual or automatic constrast and luminosity tuning.
- to cancel out hot pixels using a dark frame, hot pixel list and automatic hot pixel removal.
- to display an overlay grid showing most famous astronomical objects (stars, Moon, Sun, planets..) Displays coordinate grid.
- to save image using the folowing formats (Jpeg, FIT and CPA) Jpeg quality parameter can be set by user..
- to create AVI compressed file using XVID free codec to create time lapse, user can set video length and frame rate.
- to upload automaticaly, by timer interval set by user, Jpeg and AVI files to be posted to user defined web site for remote supervision.
- Filter wheel, and auto focus control for EUDA cameras.
- and much more ...

This is a very advanced and unique software dedicated to all sky camera.
The software comes along with our camera and is not for sale as an item.

Please read camera documentation to assess the powerfull software's features

Here is below some screen captures :
Linux software is available for OMEA, ALPHEA and EUDA camera as well as SDK to run your camera (all models, please contact us to get it.
ALL SKY Camera Software
Windows 32/64 platforms
Linux platforms
Software for ALL SKY Camera

ALPHEA cameras (all)
OMEA 3x, 5x, 6x and 8x
EUDA Camera
Legacy AllSky camera (up to Dec 2016) using Imaging-Source Cameras
Beta software version

There is not an auto-install file.
The exe  and other files must be moved manually to the
software folder (please read instructions)