Warning : in all cases, the camera needs a PC and dedicated software (provided) to transfert data into it, a small PC like  ZOTAC is sufficient to operate the camera : documentation can be downloaded here
Specifications :
ALU housing camera version  (all outer camera parts are made of anodized aluminium)
Alcor-system (2016)

- detector is less sensitive and image might be noisier, please check out this page to compare monochrome and color camera performances of operating camera.
Monochrome / color : color version produces more realistic images of the sky, but :
All parts are made of anodized aluminium, water tight by o'rings seals, automatic dome heater located at dome's base allow to warm up the acrylic dome in order to remove frost and icing, to preserve good image quality.
Water tight connectors, also allowing a quick camera removal with no wires attached to it.
Auto-iris option :
- auto-iris allows camera to record daylight images (otherwise image is saturated and no image can be achieved because of lens aperture, even using 100s exposure time and lowest gain)
- Auto-iris is mandatory for color camera, otherwise CCD color bayer pattern filter will be definitively damaged by Sun course in the sky
Ordering information :
12 versions of this camera are proposed
      * Resolution can be 1.3 or 2.0 millions pixels
      * Color or monochrome camera
      * Auto-iris option
      * Dome heater option
For any customization of this product (camera, field of view), please do not hesitate to contact us !
- 1.3 and 2 millions pixel color/monochrome progressive scan detector
- Digital USB 2.0 output with 20 m cable length
- 185x185 fisheye field or 185x165
- Video mode (for transient events) or snapshot with long exposure mode
- Active dome defrost and camera auto-iris
- Complete anodized aluminium casing, water tight box and connectors.
- Cooled CCD sensor version available !



Field of view

* OMEA-1.3M : 185 x 165 fisheye lens, focal length f=1.8mm f/1.4, 8.9 arcmin per pixel
* OMEA-2.0M : 185 x 175 fisheye lens, focal length f=1.8mm f/1.4, 8.4 arcmin per pixel
Wavelength range : 350 to 750 nm (IR cut filter)  (1)

Factory focused and tilt tuned with respect to the whole CCD field

Camera resolution

* OMEA-1.3M :1280x960 (1.3 Mpixels)  4.65 x 4.65 m pixel
* OMEA-2.0M : 1600x1200 (2 Mpixels)  4.4 x 4.4 m pixel

All monochrome or color, progressive scan, anti-blooming.

Dynamic range

8 bits plus gain control (dynamic extension)

Video stream

* OMEA-1.3M : 15 frames per second

* OMEA-2M : 12 frames per second

Directshow raw video stream

This feature is disabled for cooled camera !

Exposure time

From 100s to one hour exposure (all sky mode, typically 30s to 75s)


User set from 2.2 e-/ADU to 50 e-/ADU

Image download time

< 30 ms


Optionnal : closes automatically to F/11 at dawn/dusk, re-opens to F/1.4 for night operation
CCD Cooling Only for OMEA2.0M,CCD temperature is minus 15C from ambiant.

Control software

AllSky software supplied at no additionnal costs

UFOCAPTURE compliant

Operating system

Windows (XP,Vista, seven 32&64bits)

Linux (contact us)

To PC interface

USB 2.0 + 20 m length cable, perfectly reliable operation

Top dome heater

Optional : automatic dome defrost based on external sensor (18W to 36W depending on weather conditions / place)

Power supply

12V / 3A (provided)

Other informations

Tight to bad weather condtions (rain/snow), anodized aluminium casing, acrylic dome, water tight connectors


3.5 kg


130mm x 270 mm height, three holes for mast attachment.

Operating temperature range

from -35C to +45C
The OMEA camera is the flagship of our camera series, it gets most of  the features we have thought about.
OMEA Camera (right side as square shape is temperature and moisture sensor)
OMEA water tight connectors : USB, POWER and External SENSOR
OMEA 1.3M monochrome, watching australian southern skies (65sec exposure, click image to enlarge)
OMEA-1.3M -
x y z
OMEA-2.0M -
x y z
Ordering code
• 1.3M : One point three millions pixels camera
• 2.0M :
Two millions pixels camera, those are smaller but camera is more sensitive than 1.3M cameras

• X code : set to H if dome heater is requested, set to F if no dome heater is requested
• Y code : set to C if color sensor is requested, set to M if monochrome sensor is requested
• Z code : set to A if auto-iris is requested, set to N if no auto-iris is requested.
For instance OMEA-1.3M-HMN means 1.3 millions pixel camera, dome heater option, monochrome sensor and no auto-iris.

Warning : camera with color sensor and no auto-iris cannot be ordered, like OMEA-1.3M-XCN or like  OMEA-2.0M -XCN, because during day, image of the Sun and its sidereal path on the CCD tends to fade away Bayer color filter array, and image color sensor is damaged forever.
Some hints to help you to decide which version you could order
Price :
OMEA 1.3M color, with high altitude clouds reflecting light pollution (65sec exposure, click image to enlarge) marker shows telescope position
Color camera is perfectly showing the impact of light pollution. Color camera is ideal for showing atmospheric events like polar aurora, blue jets, "sprites" or "elves".
Color camera allows perfect imaging during day, with auto-iris embedded inside the lens. Aiming directly to the SUN, it does not prevent from recording images.
OMEA camera can capture very fast  events like a meteor entering Earth's atmosphere, leaving a remnant of its path (see below).
In any case contact us for a quote because prices are subject to change according to exchange rates of subparts needed to build the camera. Control software is included in this price. The less amount of options selected, the cheaper the price will be.
In order to watch time lapse videos, XVID codec shall be installed (harmless to your PC) it can be downloaded here
OMEA 2.0M, this has 185x175 field of view, (65sec exposure, click image to enlarge)
OMEA 1.3M, it has a smaller field of view compared to OMEA 2.0M  (65sec exposure, click image to enlarge)
TIME LAPSE Visible here
Compared to our competitors, this product produces image with 4 to 6 times more resolution, auto-iris is embedded (optionnal), lens tilt with respect to CCD is factory tuned, system totaly tight (both housing) to insects intrusion, water, automatic dome heater system (optional), more advanced software, image time transfert is very short (video stream can be achevied)... and much more... please do not hesitate to ask us questions.
Color OMEA 1.3M under a good sky  (magnitude ~20.7 per second square, click image to enlarge) TIME LAPSE HERE
Color OMEA 1.3M with a day time TIME LAPSE HERE
BONUS : a full night timelapse can be seen here at Las Campanas Observatory
Weather monitoring options :
OMEA camera monitors the current weather data in all models
      * External temperature
      * External humidity
      * Camera internal temperature
      * Camera internal humidity
OMEA camera have been delivered with additionnal weather capabilities such as
      * External wind speed
      * External wind direction
      * Atmospheric Pressure
If those options are required please ask us for them, the price will be adjusted accordingly